Established in 2018, Vadeel is India’s fastest growing start up in the field of e-commerce & classified advertisement, which provides local communities in high-growth markets with vibrant online marketplaces. We connect local people to buy, sell or exchange goods and services through their easily accessible web portal or mobile application. Their leadership team comprises of successful and experienced group of entrepreneurs. Our head office is in Udaipur, India.

Our Ideologies:

  • Values-  Vadeel believes in Teamwork, Integrity, Customer Commitment and Transparency
  • Vision-   Vadeel is dedicated to bridge the gap of भारत to INDIA to the WORLD.
  • Mission- Vadeel has captured all the roots of rural INDIA. Thus, enabling a strong connection  with the people  across the world and at the same time giving them assurance of quality and personal accountability of every product bought or sold on their portal.
  • Goal- Vadeel aims to empower the rural population by giving them digital platform to showcase and sell their products and come out as a successful businesspersons in future.

Do you believe technology has the power to shape a better future?

Although the rapid digitization of the world has made lives immensely easier for many of us, what we often forget is that, in this revolution of automation, our villages are often ignored. Villages are lagging far behind as compared to cities. Villagers do not have any digital platform where they can show their talent, creative products and services to the outer world. Due to this, they are not getting the right amount of publicity to showcase their products to the right customers. People in the urban cities do not know the talent or services the less privileged population carry with themselves. So, making them reach out digitally and sell their innovative products through the online platform drives our mission. We strongly believe that future lies in technological advancement; progress lies in the usage of technologies. With a mission of empowering village using, our team works together to increase earning potential of the people, thereby, raising the living standard of the rural community and helping them solve their basic day-to day needs.

What we do?

We work with the rural population living in the backward areas and find out and elevate their talents, skills, creative products and services. We list their products on our portal and promote the same through advertisements. As this a web platform, the visibility of the products would increase and huge market of buyers would be able to buy the products at competitive prices. Since the smartphone and internet reachability have improved in rural areas through Digital India Program of Government of India, we have also developed a user-friendly phone application for the ease of operations to the online users.

How can you help?

We are a bootstrapped startup and we are working continuously with our team to develop a customer centric app and website, based on the feedbacks we received during our market survey. In addition, we are conducting various promotional events in the rural Rajasthan in order to educate our target demographics and increase brand awareness. However, there is still a significant cost involved in design, development and implementation of the platform. In addition, we wish to maximize our impact and continue with this initiative while targeting bigger projects that can have a greater impact on the community. Having said that, your contribution would be used for these solutions and would ultimately assist those who are in need and those who do not have access to the same resources as many of us.